Please have a look at how a typical design project develops. We start with the challenge of what is required to be packed and the function the packaging is to perform. The designer produces a sample concept using CAD design.

The concept is shown to you for approval. On receipt of an Order, the Cutting Forme and Print Stereo would be produced for the Production process. The finished job is produced and delivered to you.

Starts with the customers product requiring packing.

Our imaginative designers get to work on the concept.

The solution is checked and can  be shown as a Cutter Guide or a 3D image.

A sample can be produced  on our CAD Design Table for approval or modification.

A Polymer Print Stereo is made for the print process.

From the approved design, a Cutting Forme is made for the production process.

The corrugated board is printed ready to be die-cut.

The finished job is produced.